That time we were in the Guardian. And some favourite blogs.

Last week I was interviewed by Jenny Stevens for a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ piece she was writing about couple bloggers for The finished article, published on Tuesday, seemed less ‘tongue in cheek’ and more ‘get your claws out’. If the headline ‘Over-sharing 2.0: the rise of the couple bloggers’ wasn’t bad enough, the byline ‘Facebook envy wearing off? Try following the exhaustingly perfect lives of the blogosphere’s numerous romantic duos’ put paid to any preconceptions I might have had. More fool me.

I have to laugh because our so-called ‘exhaustingly perfect lives’ are far from perfect. But the thought of a blog about our frequent tiffs over matters such as Ross leaving all of his beard trimmings all over the bathroom sink (again) or me going over my overdraft (again) is one I can’t bear, so if it’s all the same by you, we’ll keep on blogging about things that we do like, thank you very much.

And if, like many of the commenters, you find us annoying, smug, boring, narcissistic, (insert derogatory adjective here) or believe blogs like ours triggered last week’s riots (!), that’s fine and the solution is easy: don’t read it.

On more of a positive note, I love reading blogs. So does Ross. There are ones we like to dip into every now and again and there are ones that we visit on a daily basis. In celebration of all that’s good about the blogosphere, we wanted to share some of our favourites with you today:

365 days of breakfast
Food porn of my favourite meal of the day. Yum.
Backyard Bill
“Stylish folks in their own clothes”.
Betty magazine
Girls, meet your new best friend.
Buckets and Spades
A menswear fashion blog by a lovely chap called Mat.
Pierce Me Up

A cool blog about piercing ideas, tips and aftercare.
Erin’s inspiring personal style blog.
Elsa Billgren
A goddess by way of Sweden. I want to be her friend.
Dear Photograph
Pictures of a picture from the past in the present.
Fancy Fine
Inspiring vintage style from San Fransisco’s Ashley Ording.
Ink Me . Tattoo
Amazing tattoo blog.
Foxtail + Fern
A fashion and lifestyle blog with a modern take on vintage clothing.
From Primark to Prada
Katy rocks. I’m lucky enough to have her number in my phone and no, you can’t have it.
The digital scrapbook of Durban beauty Lauren.
Hannah and Landon
Ultimate in couple crushing by way of Brooklyn.
Helmi Otsalla
One seriously stylish Finnish lady.
Inside Out
Topshop’s blog never fails to inspire and is packed full of interesting content without being too sales driven.
Jazzabelle’s Diary
The loveliest girl with the best charity shopping skills in all of London town.
Lay me in some tall grass; let me do my thing
Kennedy is a babe who sells pretty vintage clothes.
One of the first blogs I ever read is still a firm favourite.
Lulu Letty
As well as Maria’s clothes, I’d also like to steal her adorable dogs, please.
Mademoiselle Robot
Fashion and lifestyle musings from London by way of Paris. Laetitia also co-hosts the brilliant Babetime radio. Also see nail design blog UnhasHoy
Miss Moss
In her own words, ‘rad things that are nice to look at’. Indeed.
A Swedish girl in New York, Sandra’s dreamy photography never fails to impress.
Pink Bow
A lovely blog by North Eastern beauty Paula.
Pretty Much Penniless
Thrifty finds and lovely words from London based Eleanor, who is as charming in real life as her blog implies.

The Selby
Nosing around cool people’s houses? Yes please.

The Cherry Blossom Girl
Beautiful photographs and inspiring outfits from the Parisien lovely Alix.

The Velvet Bow
Charming style blog by Perth based Jessie.

Update: We’re now featured on Vice Magazine! At least they were funny about the whole thing. And so are the comments.

Maybe we are too twee after all. We’ll be back next week with a suitably unrefined, gritty post for you all. But until then, toodles!

Oh, and if the lovely couple (Glen Coco and Strawberry Ribena, cute guyyyzzz!) that wrote the Vice piece fancy going for a drink at one of our favourite vintage themed hotspots, just let us know. Perhaps we can pick up some tips from you both on being less twee?




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