Snapshots from a summer holiday

I would love to tell you that this year’s summer holiday was spent someplace hot and exotic (you know, the kind of place where they serve cocktails out of pineapples), but that would be a big fat lie. Owing to a lack of funds, we embarked on a tour of the South West instead, starting off in the English Riviera before travelling around south Devon and ending up in Bath. And you know what? Aside from a few hiccups – and the fact we still managed to spend a small fortune – it was really, really lovely.

We had such a good time that I compiled a little list of subjective reasons why spending your summer holiday in the UK is actually rather fun:

1. You can plan your holiday around family weddings and suchlike. Two birds, one stone. Case in point: Ross’s cousins wedding in Torquay. Here we are in our wedding finery complete with my unruly barnet (Ross had the right idea with putting his hair up, my half-a-can-of-Elnett lacquered ringlets proved to be no match for the coastal winds).

2. Tea. On tap. I’m not worth talking to before I’ve drank my morning cuppa, and going for a brew and a cake is my favourite way to while away an afternoon. Grey’s Tearoom in Totnes was suitably charming, offering a range of savoury snacks as well as some seriously scrumptious looking cakes. We scoffed smoked haddock and horseradish, homemade buttery crumpets and a perfect scone smothered in thick clotted cream and strawberry jam, of which there are no photos because of a little accident our Ross had with the camera strap and a jug of milk – yikes.

3. National Trust and English Heritage properties. I find the allure of a period property hard to resist, so it’s rare that we go on a trip without checking if there are any NT or EH properties nearby first – yet another sign that I’m turning into a granny a good forty years early. I do have both of their apps downloaded on my phone so at least that’s pretty hip, right? When we were in Torquay, I tried (but failed) to coerce Ross into joining me on this Agatha Christie tour which looks like my dream day out – next time friends, next time.

4. Being pleasantly surprised when the British weather turns out nice for once, enabling you to enjoy beer gardens, beaches and al fresco eats on nice terraces what overlook pretty buildings. Like Jamie’s Italian in Bath, where we drank red wine and Ross ate a delicious meal. I opted for the squid ink risotto which was, err, a little bit intimidating to say the least! That is, unless you like food that looks like mini lumps of coal, which I can now confidently say that I don’t. Soz Jamie.

5. The English seaside. Nothing quite beats beers on the beach with views like this.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the end of summer too. x




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