In which Ross turns twenty five and we move house

The past weekend we moved into our new flat and celebrated Ross’ birthday. After much huffing, puffing and unpacking, we got into the celebratory spirit and the rest of the weekend turned into a hazy, drunken blur. A blur that included a surprise visit from his best pal Karl, a Comet Gain gig and a Camden pub crawl – the perfect way to celebrate the big 2-5!

When we weren’t hanging out with our nearest and dearest and drinking generous measures of gin, beer and dark rum (that amazing Kraken bottle below was full on Saturday morning!), we were making the most of our new place, eating lots of salad to compensate for the aforementioned celebrations, and enjoying our huuuge new bed, which was most difficult to get out of bed for our return to work yesterday.

We’ve also been reading our much-neglected-of-late books. I’m halfway through Keith Richard’s autobiography (so good!), whereas Ross has got two on the go – The Peculiar Memoirs Of Thomas Penman, a satirical peek into the life and times of a troublesome 13 year old boy; and Tomas, a comedy so dark you’ll need night vision goggles to read it. All come highly recommended!

We’ll show you some more photos of our new place once we’ve made it homely (read: frequented loads of flea markets to buy the perfect vintage touches). On that note, can any of you recommend any good interior blogs? Aside from The Selby, I don’t really know many so your suggestions would be most appreciated. x




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