Cards and cocktails


After a raucous Friday night spent in and around Brick Lane where we watched Ross’s mates INTL, we laid low for much of the weekend. Cleaning the house in our underpants, making the most delicious patatas bravas, watching awesome films; you know, usual weekend fodder.

Come Sunday afternoon, boredom had set in so we got our glad rags on to play cards whilst sipping some homemade spiked smoothies (vodka, blueberries, raspberries and orange juice whizzed in a hand blender), before heading to our friend’s house for wine, dinner and a game of darts whilst listening to motown records. It was fun.

I was wearing an old favourite dress I’ve had for a good few years – arguably the best £3 I’ve ever spent. Ross was looking his usual dapper self in a shirt that can only be described as ‘deckchair chic’. We matched our footwear for a unifying look*.

Hope you all had a fun weekend ladies and gents, get up to owt nice? x

*I lie. We just both have great taste in tasselled loafers, natch.




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